Barry Epling

Businessman & Entrepreneur

Barry Epling started his career in telecommunications in 1990 when he acquired his first telco switch, which he then turned into a publicly traded company, US Tel, Inc. which listed on NASDAQ.

Through his telecommunications business, Barry specialized in secondary, tertiary, and emerging markets.  Some of these markets include places like Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Egypt, Oman, Nepal, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  Here he helped to develop long distance telecommunications service.

Through these business travels, Barry began his love for seeing the world.  Because of his business, he was lucky enough to be able to see some of the worlds most beautiful places, and his love for travel never ended.  Today he travels for both business and pleasure whenever he can, and is always on the lookout to add new amazing destinations to his list of places that he has been.

Professional Credentials

Personal Life

  • Born in Northern CA
  • Lives in Las Vegas, NV
  • World Traveler
  • Served in Military Intelligence

education & Military background

  • Graduated High School in Winters, CA
  • 1 year supporting 25th infintry division in vietnam
  • 1 year advisor to the 5th ARVN division

Professional Experience

  • CEO of US Tel, Inc.
  • Founder at Calvin Processing
  • Inventor and Founder of PrimiCell

Connect with Barry Epling

Barry would love to hear your travel stories, and is always available to connect with others that love to travel.  He has been all over the world and has a wealth of knowledge about traveling.  If you would like to get in touch with Barry, you can connect by clicking on the contact tab and filling out the form.


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