4 Car Maintenance Tips To Use When Renting On Road Trips


Summer is here and families are now to spend more time together after being divided by schools and work. When deciding to take your spouse and family to a road trip, maximum comfort matters and that means getting a car that is in good condition. Since a lot of road trips happen on hired vehicles, there is no reason for you to stretch your car with the mileage. Your only task is finding the right car hiring company and find the right model you need while considering aspects like maintenance, cost and types of car issues. These here are the few tips that according to Barry Epling, you can use to take better care of the rented car before it is returned.

Check and test car battery

Have you tried to check the battery before your road trip? It is necessary for you to complete this step as it is the option that powers your vehicle. Ensure you have a battery that is fully charged and can sustain you for the whole period you will be on road. Avoid faulty batteries and even carry backups to avoid situation where you are found stranded in an unfamiliar areas without any signs of help coming your way. This will only make your road trip less admirable and fun.

Have an emergency kit

It is true that you need your own first aid emergency kit in case of any issues on road but this is not the kit being described here. There are road trips that can develop mechanical problems leaving you stressed out and stranded in an unfamiliar territory. The further you are away from the areas you are familiar with, the more essential it is to have an emergency kit for repairing the vehicle in case of minor issues.

Assess braking system

When it comes to the few aspects you should check, none comes first than braking system of the vehicle. Poor and worn out breaking systems are easily among the causes of most accidents and deaths on the road. You should have your mechanic check the brakes and ensure they are replaced in case they do not seem strong enough to last you the journey.  If the brake pads are already worn out, purchase for replacement as they are never costly and besides improve the safety of your road trip.

Top up all necessary fluids

All vehicles or machines need various types of fluids ranging from water to fuel all with wide range of applications in the car. Before you take the rented car for a road trip, you should consider refilling all the necessary fluids that ensure the smooth running of the machine, these fluids include engine coolant, the washer for your windshield, water for cooling the radiator and most importantly enough brake fluid to use when you know you are on the road for a long time. Most professionals will in fact encourage families to change the car oil first before setting off in order to give the car the strength needed.

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